Work life balance

I read a blog recently from Flying Solo about working from home. After telecommuting for some time and juggling multiple part time jobs and a business, it made me think about my approach to working from home and the integration of work and life.

I know someone who gets ready for work, walks out the door, checks their mail box and then returns ready to go to “work”. I also know someone who makes a point of doing their “work at work, not at home”. I haven’t always had that choice, and actually enjoy the ability to do my work from where I want and (generally) when I want).

The Flying Solo blog specifically talked about working in your bathrobe. I don’t want to create a scary visual here, but my typical day working from home will be having a cup of tea and checking emails in my PJs. Then I get dressed and get into the real work. The only drawback I have discovered so far is the web camera!

I don’t mind this intrusion into my morning breakfast, I find it good time to do the tasks that require less thinking like this. The same goes for a bit of tinkering at night – I typed up some notes last night that I had been meaning to do for a week (just a simple typing job, no thought involved), while watching South Park.

I think this is the way that the “always on” digital generation will tend to work. The only drawback is knowing when to “switch off”.

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Danya Hodgetts

Dr Danya Hodgetts is a Sport Management consultant, educator and researcher with more than 25 years experience in the sport industry. Danya specialises in developing and implementing innovative education, training and professional development programs for national and state sporting bodies, TAFE and University.

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