Nike’s new high-performance product aimed at Muslim athletes

An article on the “Nike Pro Hijab” in The New Daily

Dr Hodgetts said Nike’s campaign was smart and, crucially, authentic. “What they have done is use people in their marketing who will actually use it …

Beach creche helps Queensland mums hit the surf

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A group of mothers have combined playgroup with stand-up paddleboarding to increase fitness and health in a central Queensland coastal town.

The not-for-profit organisation Surfing Mums Australia has groups across the country that provide the opportunity for mothers to surf while their children are cared for.

SMA secretary Dr Danya Hodgetts said the Yeppoon Main Beach in central Queensland does not always cater to surfers, so the local group has had to adapt.

“Because there’s not really great waves, we’re doing stand-up paddleboarding,” she said.

Mums getting fit and a bit of ‘vitamin sea’

FOR a lot of parents, it can be difficult to find the time to exercise. Mother of three Dr Danya Hodgetts found this out the hard way, when she wanted to work out – but it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

From The Morning Bulletin: Mums getting fit and a bit of ‘vitamin sea’


Sports marketing a new ball game as brands flock to AFL Women’s League

The upcoming inaugural season of the AFL National Women’s League is turning sports marketing into a whole new ball game as local businesses jump on board to support the eight clubs in the competition.

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Yeppoon’s surfing mums

It’s often said that there’s nothing like the sea air to blow away a few cobwebs and make the world seem a bit better – and a group of Mums are ensuring they are getting their time on the beach and in the water through a like-minded group.

A Surfing Mums group started up on the coast not too long ago, and now they have been successful in obtaining a State Government grant to buy equipment and provide lessons for mums who want to learn all about surfing and paddle boarding.

Danya Hodgetts is the Coordinator of the Surfing Mums Group in Yeppoon.

Source: Yeppoon’s surfing mums