Can elite sportspeople inspire armchair athletes? – ABC Southern Queensland – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Sports researcher at CQUniversity, Danya Hodgetts, says with the London Olympics well on their way some people in the sporting world are predicting what’s known as the “trickle down affect”.

“That’s where the major sports events have an impact on grassroots sport, and people undertaking sporting activities or physical activity in general,” says Dr Hodgetts.

Danya says the theory is that if our sporting elite are doing well, it has an impact on those of us who undertake sport at a much less competitive level. But how does that theory hold up?

Dr Hodgetts says the trickle down affect was one of the original benefits touted in relation to the Sydney Olympics bid, but because the long-term legacy of such events was less understood at the time, we didn’t capitalise on it as much as we could have done.

View full and original article published 2 April 2012 Can elite sportspeople inspire armchair athletes? – ABC Southern Queensland – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Danya Hodgetts

Dr Danya Hodgetts is a Sport Management consultant, educator and researcher with more than 25 years experience in the sport industry. Danya specialises in developing and implementing innovative education, training and professional development programs for national and state sporting bodies, TAFE and University.

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