My pledge for AcWriMo

Big writing time in November 2010

Most of us have heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where you go crazy writing and aim to churn out 50,000 for a novel in November. I have been aware of it for the last couple of years and I thought it sounded like a really cool idea. Now there are a whole lot of variations on the theme, including one more relevant for me, which is AcWriMo – academic writing month. Continue reading My pledge for AcWriMo

Rocking the Pomodoro

I came across the Pomodoro technique from John Birmingham via Twitter (where I seem to find all of my good ideas these days).

I liked it because it fitted well with a workshop I had just completed about self-sabotage and writing, and how beneficial snack writing could be (as opposed to binge writing).

I duly re-tweeted about this fruity little number on #phdchat, and Thesis Whisperer picked it up.

Then this twitter conversation happened last week, and the Pomodoro playlist was born!

I don’t like music all of the time when I am writing, but there are some Pomodoros that need every bit of encouragement you can muster.

There are more IT-minded boffins around than me who can show you how to make a playlist, and it’ll depend on your library. I used a Smart Playlist on iTunes.

My only hints are to skip genres that won’t rock you. For me that is comedy, holiday and children (I have wayyy to much Wiggles in my library). I’ve also found that it will err on the side of caution, so I make my list 26 minutes – just to squeeze every drop of tomato-ey goodness out of my time.

What’s your rockin’ Pomodoro got in it?