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The Thesis Whisperer

Recently we lost a friend to suicide.

His death was tragic and shocking to those who knew him, but Linkedin had no idea it had happened. He must created an account there some time back and never got around to making contact with me. Now Linkedin keeps telling me to connect with him.

To the inhuman search engines deep inside the Linkedin server farm we are a perfect match. We went to the same university and have some of the same employers on our resumes. The machines at Linkedin have no idea that my human, feeling self is freshly reminded of his death every time his profile appears on my suggestion list.

It got me thinking – what happens when I die? The other day Thesis whisperer jnr, aged 10, had to do an assignment on ‘digital footprints’. He googled himself and the hits he got were, of course…

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Danya Hodgetts

Dr Danya Hodgetts is a Sport Management consultant, educator and researcher with more than 25 years experience in the sport industry. Danya specialises in developing and implementing innovative education, training and professional development programs for national and state sporting bodies, TAFE and University.

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